Mr. Harold Daniel

12:39 AM

I Was Born This Way

I could not leave Orlando without paying my respects to the victims at Pulse nightclub. As I stepped down the car I felt the energy of that night, it was painful. Growing up, I had identity issues and grew up in secrecy. I was raised to love women and the thought of me being into men felt wrong at the time. I was bullied in elementary and middle school. I went to church often and prayed each night to get this feeling inside of me away, and nothing. Courage and strength are what it took for me to say "I'm gay" out loud. I had these feelings since the age of 4, the earliest I can remember. I was born this way, I just had to learn to accept myself. If you're going through the same situation I went through, I want you to know that you are loved. That you matter. That you are not in this alone. I wish I had a support system growing up as a child.

If society made it seem ok. If the people I loved the most who I surrounded myself with were to tell me that it was ok. All of this could've prevented insecurity, depression, and mental illness. Do not be cruel nor question anyone's sexuality out of respect. I was kinda pressured to come out and no one should feel the need to, if they're not ready. What happened the night of Pulse was horrible. It broke my heart watching my community + the world suffer from this loss. It's time to speak up even more and fight for human equality. The LGBTQ community is no less and no more than any other human being. I just want peace, love, acceptance, kindness, and equality for this world. I knew I was different growing up and now I embrace it. I'm so proud of being a part of the LGBTQ community and glad I have a voice to make a difference in this world.

Below, you will catch a playlist of songs that got me through the battle throughout the years. Each of these songs holds a special place in my heart, all blasted loudly in my room at a special moment. Love yourself. Learn to do so, I still am learning! We are all we got. Peace and love.


9:24 PM

When Dua Lipa Stole My Heart

When Dua Lipa Stole My Heart
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